Keynote Speakers

John Hyatt

John Hyatt

International Business Consultant

John has 12 years in Mexico City assisting international firms with Sourcing and Market Development projects in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has true expertise in assisting international firms in Latin America, preventing them from making cultural mistakes that can end up costing millions in lost revenues. Additionally, John has a high level of expertise in analyzing, consulting and assisting foreign firms in launching and managing successful operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He currently devotes a large scope of his work to manufacturing re-nearshoring for clients who wish to establish manufacturing solutions in Mexico as a viable alternative to producing in Asia.

John is the co-editor of Mexican Business Culture, Essays on Tradition, Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Commerce and the State, a book dedicated to giving the foreign businessperson the necessary information and know-how for navigating the challenge of doing business in Latin America’s second largest economy.